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Adjunct Faculty Sociology or Anthropology Jobs at Linfield University Faculty

Adjunct Faculty Sociology or Anthropology Jobs at Linfield University Faculty

Sample Adjunct Faculty Sociology or Anthropology Job Description

Adjunct Faculty - Sociology or Anthropology

Overview and Responsibilities:

Linfield College's Sociology and Anthropology department is establishing a pool of qualified candidates to be considered as adjunct instructors to teach sociology and anthropology courses. Program and course information can be found at

Hours per Week: Average instructional hours vary and may range from 3 to 8 hours per week.


Work Schedule: Schedule and hours vary and may include day and evening classes.


Areas of instructional need include, but are not limited to, the sociology/anthropology of religion, music subcultures, folklore and mythology, global political economy, contemporary culture, and urban society. We're also seeking instructors for area courses including: Mexico, Central America and The Caribbean; South America; Europe; and South Asia


Adjunct instructors are hired on a per course basis. Courses are taught face-to-face in classroom or lab settings; online; or a combination of online and face-to-face. Linfield College will keep your application on file as a prospective candidate who could potentially fill a position when a need arises. If the need shall arise and review of your application materials result in a decision to pursue your candidacy, you will be contacted via the contact information provided on your application.


All Linfield adjunct instructors are required to meet with students and/or attend meetings on-site on a regular basis. Linfield adjunct instructors are dynamic partners for both students and the College. An adjunct instructor works with students beyond the classroom to ensure their success, models core Linfield education ideals, and demonstrates commitment to excellence in program/course content and delivery. An adjunct instructor is able to work effectively in a collaborative environment; is willing to innovate and change to meet evolving program and industry needs; and demonstrates competency with use of technology that supports learning and teaching. Generally, an adjunct instructor will be hired to instruct specific open classes based upon the adjunct instructor's qualifications and availability.


The ideal candidate will demonstrate that they:

  • Implement relevant and progressive curriculum in each course.
  • Deliver high-quality instruction through the planning and implementation of effective learning strategies and environments.
  • Create performance-based assessments aligned with competencies through formative and summative measures.
  • Promote student success through timely communication, growth-based feedback, and implementation of strategies that meet the needs of diverse learners.
  • Meet professional expectations by maintaining professional currency and contributing to a collaborative culture across the College.
  • Model integrity through self-awareness, personal accountability, ethical behavior, quality standards, and sustainable practices.
  • Challenge students to think critically by applying problem solving practices, acquiring relevant information, using technology and other resources appropriately, and evaluating alternatives.
  • Provide experiences that help students communicate effectively by speaking and writing clearly, concisely, and professionally; practicing active listening; reading critically and adapting communication for audience.
  • Foster student values in diversity by recognizing personal biases, adapting to culturally diverse situations, and demonstrating a commitment to equity, inclusion, and respectful interactions with persons of diverse ethnic, cultural, social-economic, or educational backgrounds.



  • Master's degree in Sociology or Anthropology (Ph.D. preferred)
  • Prior teaching experience at the college level.


In evaluating candidates for this position, the College may consider a combination of education, training, and experience which provides the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to perform duties of position.


Application Procedures:

Please complete our online application and submit the following documents. Review of applications begins immediately and is ongoing. This adjunct pool process will close on November 30, 2019.

  • Letter of interest
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Contact information for three references
  • College/university transcripts will be required prior to campus interviews, as will evidence of teaching effectiveness and a statement of teaching philosophy.


Questions may be directed to Dr. Hillary Crane, Chair, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, or 503-883-2286.


We Value Diversity: Linfield College is actively engaged in promoting, advancing, and confirming our commitment to diversity and inclusion.  We believe that a diverse and vibrant Linfield contributes to academic excellence and critical thinking. We welcome applicants who bring a diversity of identity, culture, experience, perspective, and thought.  All candidates are encouraged to address how their professional and lived experience, scholarship, teaching, mentorship, and/or service will build on our diversity and inclusion efforts.

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